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UAV Drones are being developed all over the world today. Much of the development is taking place in traditional aeronautical defense companies, just like you might expect. However, what a lot of people are not aware of, is that all over the U.S. and even all over the world people are designing, developing and building UAV Drones in basements and garages. The RULES HAVE NOT BEEN WRITTEN! In the U.S., the feds don't no what to do, where does hobby end and threat to air traffic begin? What is legal and what is not? What is a hobby or toy, and what is unmanned aircraft that needs to be covered under current FAA regulations? NO ONE KNOWS FOR SURE!

Am I a criminal for going out and buying a radio control airplane that has a camera and can be guided via GPS navigation? Suppose this craft weight 10 lbs.? 30 lbs? 300 lbs.? There are no rules yet.

The guidelines many hobbyist follow are: . Recreational use, under 400 ft. altitude, line of sight, "pilot in the loop" and onboard safety systems that always allow for manual control in the case of malfunction. Test aircraft in controlled settings. But these are not written in a code of federal regulations. They are recommendations. If you don't follow them you might very well get a visit from a federal agent. In this day and age who knows under what guise they might try and stop you... but stop you they will.

People are explorers. We push the bounds, we search, we build, we are always growing. People everywhere are intrigued by this technology and what they as individuals might be able to discover or contribute.

MiniMax Light Sport Aircraft- This aircraft might be just one example of a existing home built aircraft that is being converted into a UAV Drone. Garage UAV developers are minimax dronetrying not to re-invent the wheel when they don't have to. Taking a developed home built aircraft design, and adapting it for use as a UAV makes perfect sense. The engineering and testing of the airframe design is complete, add the guidance components and you have a UAV capable of carrying a lot of payload.

What is the maximum weight I can build my drone? What is the maximum wingspan? The guidelines say "line of sight", but where is the rule written? What would be the penalty for not following a guideline?

Perhaps now you can understand just how wide and complex this issue is.



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