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The UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) Drone is a platform in the sky. Depending on the type of drone it can be a roaming platform, or a stationary platform.  The recent advances in Drone technology have made them very dependable and reliable platforms. While Drone technological advances have been unprecedented (in recent years), some of the greatest advances have been in the capabilities of their payload.

Designers, Engineers, and Inventors have been given this new platform in the sky, and the imaginations are filling the Drones with outlandish payloads. Some of the most advanced ideas have to do with multi-lens high definition cameras connected to high storage advanced computers. These systems record everything that moves on the ground. They allow the user to backup and replay these recordings following an “event”.  After its development, this system was used in the war against terrorism in the Middle East.  After a road side bomb was detonated, the system would replay everything that happened in that area leading up to the explosion. You could watch as the perpetrators’ place the road side bomb by the road, then follows where the perpetrators’ go afterwards… even to where they are right now!

This type of system could be deployed over a U.S. city, and countless types of criminal activity could be traced to the perpetrators’. But, like so many new advances in technology, we must ponder the effect on our privacy.  Since this is an article about Drones and not privacy, I will not debate the privacy issue here. This is just one example of the payload capabilities of Drones. We’ll have to decide as a society whether or not we want all of our actions recorded, at every moment of our lives.  

This is just one example of the many payloads being deployed on Drones. The other primary concern about Drones of America has nothing to do with privacy. It has to do with the hazard of tens of thousands of flying vehicles added to our already crowded skies. The question is when, not if, there will ever be a midair collision between a Drone and an occupied aircraft. People have a right to be concerned, and the FAA should be doing everything possible to mitigate these risks. Being informed is the key to understanding, and making good decisions on this matter. Drones can do many things better and safer than piloted aircraft, and Drones are here to stay.  


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