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Every new advance in Military Technology results in new counter measures. When chemical warfare was developed they developed chemical mask to protect soldiers. When they invented the airplane they developed aerial artillery, flak, radar and finally radar and ground to air missiles to combat the threat. The arms race is a continuous advance of technology, a one-up-up-man-ship of weapons and counter measures. Drones or UAVs are the latest development in advanced warfare and they come in all shapes and sizes. What is the threat? What are the deterrents? We will look at some of the current practices being employed and explore a few ideas

Current UAV Drone Counter-Measures

Signal Blocking or Intercepting. UAV Drones are being flown remotely via a signal from another aircraft or a satellite. To hack into or intercept that signal allows the interceptor to gain control and thus hijack the drone. Once intercepted not only is the threat eliminated, but the drone, and all of its advanced technology is now the property of the interceptor.

Radar detection and conventional destruction via ground based gun or miss le. The U.S. now employs stealth technology to combat this counter-threat. In the world of drones, this is perhaps the first in what is sure to be a series of one-up-man-ship related to drones.

Any counter measure must primarily be centered around detection. Indeed if someone knows a drone is there, they will usually have a means to destroy it... or at least to say, they can develop a way to destroy it. The primary problem with UAV drones is... no one knows they are there to begin with. In a battlefield like Afghanistan they go undetected because the enemy is a third world less advanced foe. Many of the drones used in Afghanistan would not be used against a highly advanced enemy. Small drones that would go undetected by conventional radar might be the weapon of choice in this arena. New drones the size of a hummingbird are nearly impossible to detect.

Future UAV Drone Counter Measures

First and Foremost is to Realize they Exist and THEY ARE THERE! Seams simply, but once you acknowledge they exist and they are there, you change your behavior and you begin to build barricades. You cover everything, nothing is done in plain view.

Detection and Surveillance Technologies used for Traffic Lights. Today, traffic intersections use overhead video cameras to monitor traffic and change traffic lights when a vehicle pulls up to an intersection.

How Intersection Traffic Cameras Work: Video image processor systems detect vehicles by analyzing the imagery from a traffic scene to determine changes between successive frames. The image processing algorithms that analyze black and white imagery examine the variation of gray levels in groups of pixels contained in the video frames. The algorithms are designed to remove gray level variations in the image background caused by weather conditions, shadows, and daytime or nighttime artifacts and retain objects identified as automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles. Traffic flow parameters are calculated by analyzing successive video frames.

Camera Drone Detection might work the same way. A matrix of high definition video cameras located around the perimeter of a compound. All cameras pointed to the sky, constantly analyzing for any pixel changes.

SEND AN ALTERNATIVE SIGNAL TO THE DRONE. New technology suggest sending a different image signal to a surveillance drone. The drone operator would be watching video of something other than what the drone is looking at.

Can't beat them, JOIN THEM. You begin to employ your own drones

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